What's wrong with Chris Simms? 

September, 20, 2006
So what's wrong with Chris Simms? That's the big question in Tampa. You could also ask these questions: What's wrong with Cadillac Williams? What's wrong with Simeon Rice and the Bucs' renowned defense? What's wrong with Jon Gruden?

Let's start with Simms. His six interceptions in two games have surprised the Bucs because he was so good down the stretch last season, when he led the team to the NFC South title. That was followed by a great offseason and strong training camp. Quarterback coach Paul Hackett said Simms wasn't throwing interceptions at all.

So why now? I checked with a few personnel people, defensive coordinators and former NFL quarterbacks I trust. Despite his impressive resume that includes a Super Bowl ring, Gruden received as much or more criticism as Simms: