Young Browns secondary is ailing 

September, 29, 2006
The situation in Cleveland's secondary has gotten more and more interesting, with both good news and bad. First, the positive.

Leigh Bodden
I have talked up CB Leigh Bodden before, but in all honesty, I still haven't given the guy his due. He is now among the very top players in the league at his position. His physical traits have never been a problem. He has very good size and a strong, solid build with long arms. He has fine pure speed, good quickness and smooth, fluid hip turn.

Athletically, Bodden really doesn't have a glaring weakness. He is getting better with every game as he gains experience and is one of the few cornerbacks who can legitimately shut down an opposing team's best wide receiver. He is only getting better. It is amazing that Bodden wasn't drafted, even hailing from a very small school, Duquesne University in Pittsburgh.