Sounding off on the AFC West 

October, 5, 2006
I wrote a blog Tuesday on "Marty Ball," and Chargers fans across the country sounded off. That got me thinking what a great forum this is to hear what you guys, the fans, think. I will throw my opinion out there too, and you guys can agree or tell me I'm nuts. (My wife tells me that all the time, so don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings).

In my time at ESPN, I've had many people tell me Chargers fans are not very passionate. Well, after looking at my mailbag, I beg to differ. Tomorrow, I'll post the comments I received on "Marty Ball" and let Chargers fans across the nation speak their piece. Who knows, maybe he will read this thing and take your advice.

For now, let's check in on some other topics in the AFC West. Feel free to sound off.