Wick's Picks: Week 6 

October, 13, 2006
This week's rant is about some of the reaction to Cory Lidle's tragic death. It has to do with those who dropped the "athletes think they're invincible" card in trying to explain how Lidle could crash his plane into a skyrise. Comparing Lidle - a licensed pilot who was flying with an instructor - to guys like Kellen Winslow, Jason Williams and Ben Roethlisberger, as many commentators sadly have, is just insane, not to mention disrespectful to Lidle's life.

Two years ago, I hopped into a plane owned by Falcons DE Patrick Kerney, a good guy, a responsible pilot, and not a guy who thinks he's invincible by any means. I wasn't scared flying with Kerney, either. He knew what he was doing. He was extremely careful. And he, like Lidle, had an instructor with him.

People need to breathe deeply and think before they spin off into how millionaires need million-dollar hobbies and athletes aren't worried about safety. Sure, that's true for some guys, but for most it's a lazy stereotype to overcome.