International games up for debate 

October, 19, 2006
The NFL is ready to go international again after an owners' committee agreed Wednesday via a conference call to take their recommendations and findings to all 32 teams next week at the league meetings in New Orleans.

The primary issue is whether to play one or two regular-season games in 2007 in Canada, England, Germany and/or Mexico.

The competitive issues have been a focus of discussions: If the league decides to go with two games, it would mean a team would lose one home game every 16 years as opposed to one every 32 years under a one regular-season game set-up. Any team that would play internationally would likely have a home game the week before and a bye the following week. Teams on the East Coast would be designated for the London or Germany sites, teams in the Midwest for Canada and teams on the West Coast and in the Southwest would get the Mexico assignment.