Rogers, Weaver alter their image 

October, 21, 2006
What Kenny Rogers and Jeff Weaver have done is far more difficult than those who accuse them, either from a keyboard or inside walls that insulate radio voices from their subjects.

Each was supposed to be a small-market June wonder who was untenable on a big stage. Rogers came into this postseason with 207 career wins and with more victories this season than all but four American League pitchers. Yet when the Tigers opened the Division Series against the Yankees, all that seemed attached to his resume was never winning a game at Yankee Stadium, walking Shawon Dunston (which Dunston noted was not an easy task) in the 1989 playoffs, and grounding a television camera.

Weaver did go 5-4 for the Cardinals after being canned by the Angels, and, yes, he has had only one winning season in eight since coming up with the Tigers in 1999. But all that seemed stored in his resume was his slooped body following Alex Gonzalez's 2003 home run, or his standing on the mound at Fenway chewing on his glove.