LB Thomas is complete package 

November, 1, 2006
Who is the best linebacker in the AFC North? Yes, that's right, that superstar in Baltimore. Not Ray Lewis. I am talking about Adalius Thomas.

Adalius Thomas
The word "freak" is thrown around too much when describing great athletes in the football world, but Thomas deserves that billing. Thomas, along with the Seahawks' Julian Peterson, is the most versatile linebacker in the NFL. He can thrive as a defensive end in a four-man front, any spot on the second level or even as a safety. He is as outstanding as an upfield pass rusher as he is against the run or in coverage.

As a pass rusher, he is powerful enough to bull rush an offensive tackle and quick enough to explode off the snap and run around offensive linemen. He closes in on the quarterback with an outstanding burst and finishes with passion, aggression and power.