Pata's death brings perspective 

November, 9, 2006
It is not fair to the Miami Hurricanes that the stories regarding the murder Tuesday night of defensive lineman Bryan Pata referred to the deaths of three other Miami football players in the last 10 years. Pata is a victim, and the murder left behind a family and a team of victims.

It is not fair to make references to the problems Miami has had this year, or in recent years, or ever, and the shooting of Pata. A random, senseless, vengeful act ended his life, and altered the lives of his family, coaches and teammates. It is a truly awful story, and if you have a heart, it should ache for all of them.

If head coach Larry Coker thought he had problems before Tuesday, they don't seem so important any more. Football can be a vehicle for good. It can unify thousands. It can provide entertainment for the many and opportunity for the fortunate few. But in the end it is a game.