Winning cures all in San Diego 

November, 13, 2006
OK, this wasn't supposed to happen for the Chargers. No, not coming back from being down 28-7 on the road for a 49-41 win. Not that. The other thing.

The Chargers are winning in a way no one thought possible: With GM A.J. Smith's players and Marty Schottenheimer's coaching. This wasn't supposed to happen. Remember, these are two guys who supposedly don't get along. At all.

Whenever you ask someone close to the Chargers about Smith and Schottenheimer's relationship, they say, "It's worse than you've heard." If you're going to single out the staff that's done the best job this year, it goes to Tony Dungy and his guys because, naturally, such staffs deserve awards when you are 9-0. But, if we're giving second-place awards in a league that never does, it goes to Smith and Schottenheimer and his staff, particularly coordinators Cam Cameron and Wade Phillips.