NFL centralizing steroid testing 

November, 16, 2006
There have been some interesting, and hopefully beneficial, moves in recent weeks to address the issue of the NFL and steroids. The most in-depth stuff has come via T.J. Quinn and Michael O'Keefe in the New York Daily News.

Much of their reporting has centered on the NFL's recent moves to let go its current crop of Drug Program Agents (the guys who take specimens from NFL players and forward them to labs) in favor of a lab called Comprehensive Drug Testing in Long Beach, Calif., which is used by the NHL and MLB.

The move is partially because of an IRS ruling designating the DPAs as NFL employees and not contractors, which could severely cost the NFL, according to both the Daily News and the DPAs I've spoken with. Congressman Henry Waxman of California has become a sort of sports drug czar in D.C., and he wants the NFL to strengthen its testing. I'm sure that Waxman doesn't mind that the league is using CDT, which just happens to be located in the district Waxman represents. (You didn't think politics could stay out this, did you?)