Are Barber brothers Hall worthy? 

November, 22, 2006
I've had it up to here with Barber talk. I've intentionally stayed away from Barber blogging in a quiet protest. Why is Tiki retiring? Is he a distraction? Will his teammates respect him as the year goes on, knowing he's out at season's end? It never ends.

But hearing Ronde comment during Tiki's game the other night had me asking a blogworthy question: Which Barber is more likely to be a Hall of Famer?

First off, I'm not convinced either guy is a lock. Far from it, actually. Tiki has come on late in his career, but retiring early won't help him. Ronde plays a position that's hard to judge, and only seven pure cornerbacks have been inducted into the Hall. I asked my resident football expert - my friend Steve - about it, and he said, "They're both clearly very good, but neither is among the best three or four guys at their position in their era, which is generally what I'd say Hall of Famers are. If Tiki retires, I don't think he gets in because he's only like the 20th best rusher in history, which is good but not great, especially with guys playing so many more games. He's also not a big touchdown scorer, which voters tend to hold against you, I think."