Should interference be reviewable? 

November, 27, 2006
Reader Danny in New Mexico writes, "Just watched the Pats-Bears game and I've got to agree with Troy Aikman that pass interference needs to be a reviewable call. The refs almost gave the game to the Bears with the two huge pass interference calls. Are there any plans to make this reviewable because the calls today showed that something has to be done?" Not that I know of. Aikman's opinion has some merit. I was in Foxborough Sunday and agree that, at the very least, the huge pass interference call against Artrell Hawkins that led to Chicago's only touchdown was a particularly lousy call.

Yesterday afternoon's game is a good case study. The Patriots were not only going to make Rex Grossman beat them, but beat them by throwing deep. He was off the mark all day. Now, New England has some good players in its secondary but doesn't have anyone who can cover like Champ Bailey. So by blitzing Grossman, the Pats put their corners in a tough spot.