Shell-Lombardi feud not surprising 

December, 1, 2006
Without publicly mentioning his name, Oakland head coach Art Shell took a number of shots this week at Raiders' executive Michael Lombardi. When Shell went to the media and pointed out that there was a traitor amongst the group, it was Lombardi that he was talking about.

Lombardi has had problems in Cleveland amongst other places and has somewhat of a reputation as a back-stabber, but be careful what you believe as it pertains to the Oakland situation. Shell is squarely on the hot seat right now and according to my sources around the NFL, he is looking to position himself as the next GM of the Raiders. What better way to accomplish that than by pointing the finger at the person who is currently in that position. Lombardi may not be well liked in league circles, but I have known him for a long time and he has been in this business for a long time. I hardly doubt he is out bad-mouthing Shell. That would be career suicide. Lombardi is grateful to owner Al Davis for giving him another opportunity in the NFL and I don't believe he would jeopardize that to undermine Shell.