One beef is legit, other runs afoul 

December, 1, 2006
A handful of NBA players complained that the new microfiber ball was actually cutting up their hands, causing tiny abrasions -- teeny-weeny paper cuts, if you will.

I heard tonight that players including Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Michael Redd and Mo Williams complained about the abrasions, contributing to the Players' Association's decision Friday to file a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board.

It's interesting to note that rather than going the route specified in the collective bargaining agreement and bringing this issue before an arbitrator, the union is turning to a government agency. The NLRB is expected to conduct an investigation and decide whether the complaint has merit, after which the union would be able to seek relief in a court of law. The reason the union opted for the NLRB route is because there is no language in the collective bargaining agreement dealing with the question of the type of ball used in NBA games.