Wick's Picks: Week 14 

December, 8, 2006
This week's rant is on one of the AFC's possible playoff teams. It's remarkable that of all the non-division leaders jockeying for a playoff birth, the one playing the best football right now - and the one that seems the most certain to score a spot - is the Jets. On the surface, that seems weird.

They entered the year with a rookie coach, a lot of new players, and a quarterback whom many figured wouldn't last the season. Even if you take a quick glance at the Jets now, they're not impressive. They've been shut out twice, and despite having outscored their opponents 64-21 the past two weeks, New York has only a three-point margin on its opposition for the season.

But the Jets are entering the final month in great position to get back in the playoffs. At the center of it is offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer and Chad Pennington. The Jets' offense is not for the dim-witted. Like a Mike Martz-offense, they run similar plays week in and week out but never from the same formation. Like the Colts, they go no-huddle. It's a clever approach, one that could only be run by a handful of quarterbacks. Fortunately for the Jets, they have a Rhodes Scholar finalist under center.