Bracketology is (almost) back! 

January, 2, 2007
And so it begins. As a new year dawns, we expect certain sporting rituals: "best" and "worst" lists, meaningless college bowl games, golf in Hawaii, the Redskins missing the playoffs, resolutions.

Of the latter, ours is to make Bracketology the best it can be. To that end, the good folks in Bristol are giving us a new day. This isn't like Monday Night Football switching to later in the week, but we are moving the weekly projections to Wednesdays -- beginning tomorrow, January 3 -- for added attention and accuracy.

All your favorite content remains; some of it simply will be on a new schedule. Wednesdays will feature the full bracket projections plus team-by-team comments and a column by yours truly; Tuesdays and Thursdays are "Bracket Blog" days on which I write on just about any college hoops topic that pops into my head; Fridays will bring the return of the ever-popular "Bracket Banter" mailbag, followed by a SportsNation chat session in the afternoon. Next Monday, and continuing through Selection Sunday, marks the return of the daily "InsideRPI" and the exhaustive team data pages that go with it. I'll also be contributing to the Weekly Watch and collaborating on Bubble Watch, all the while keeping a vote in the Power 16.

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