Cut blocks elicit irrational behavior  

January, 3, 2007
The past few months have been some of the most interesting in my five years covering the NFL. They've been spent working on an Albert Haynesworth story and listening in with Albert and his closest family and friends as he's tried to figure out exactly why he committed the most atrocious act in recent sports memory.

I spent hours interviewing Haynesworth -- in his house, in his monster F-650, over breakfast and lunch - during the past two months. This week in ESPN The Magazine, I write about what I saw, what Haynesworth revealed, and the two surprising paths he's taken to healing.

I know what you want answered: Why did he stomp on the naked head of Cowboys center Andre Gurode? What caused him to commit such an act in such a public arena with so much on the line? Haynesworth's answer is complicated; there is no clear reason, and my story goes into each possible theory. But one of the sparks that lit his fuse occurred in a seemingly forgettable play in the second quarter of the Titans-Cowboys game on Oct. 1.