Wick's Picks: Playoffs  

January, 12, 2007
A lot of readers agreed with my take that by allowing cut blocking, the NFL is asking for another Albert Haynesworth-type explosion. (Also, thanks for all who sent kind notes about my ESPN The Magazine story on him.) And there were almost as many readers who explained that low blocks are part of the game and have been since high school, and they should continue to be legal.

Conversation turned to cut blocking while I was at lunch the other day with Baltimore NT/DT Kelly Gregg, possibly the best run-stopper in the NFL. Gregg is a great story. Drafted by the Bengals in the sixth round out of Oklahoma in 1999, Gregg takes pride that he is the only active player left from that draft class. (Akili Smith, Charles Fisher, Cory Hall, Craig Yeast, Nick Williams, Gregg, Tony Coats, Scott Covington, and Donald Broomfield. Nice work, Bengals.)

Considering Gregg is the top run-stuffer on the NFL's best defense, I figured he'd have an interesting perspective on it.