What to do in Cincy? 

January, 24, 2007
A few thoughts from around the AFC North:

Baltimore Ravens
Rick Neuheisel was recently promoted to offensive coordinator in Baltimore, a move that will probably have very little effect on the Ravens' offensive attack in 2007. And that lack of change is a good thing. Coach Brian Billick -- who recently got a contract extension himself -- took over the play-calling duties after the offense started the season extremely slowly and maximized the production of that unit, and don't think for a second that Billick now plans to take a hands-off approach with his offense.

This team was built to win Super Bowl XLI, and the offense complemented the exceptional defense very well with a physical, ball-control attack that rarely turned the football over -- except against the Colts in the playoffs -- and relied on QB Steve McNair to manage the team and utilize his weapons without taking unnecessary risks. It is a great strategy, and one that should not change with Neuheisel's promotion.