Magowan, Giants needed Bonds 

January, 30, 2007
For a moment, put the moral stances aside. Peter Magowan doesn't know everything he wish he knew about Barry Bonds, but as the Chargers and Patriots knew, their chances for Super Bowl rings were far better with Shawne Merriman and Todd Sauerbrun, respectively.

Bonds has told the Giants that he didn't know that what he took was any form of illegal steroid, and it's been more than three years since the government began investigating whether or not Bonds perjured himself. In an era when the media has suspended its own supposed laws of accountability and fairness, and columnists and talk-radio demagogues throw names against the wind -- Roger Clemens in the New York Daily News, or Sammy Sosa with no failed anything, as if there weren't 1,500 players doing performance-enhancing somethings from 1985 to 2005 -- we are wound in our own "Lord of the Flies."

The Giants didn't want to have to deal with the Bonds sidecar. But as Magowan says, "Let's not forget what Barry has meant to this franchise," which, simply, reminds us that there might not be an AT&T Park -- the best ballpark in the world, privately financed, no less -- or even a team in San Francisco. They threw all kinds of money at Carlos Lee and Alfonso Soriano to make the Bonds image go away, but when they talked about Manny Ramirez, they learned that, as Magowan says, "It would have cost us a lot of our young pitching, and we're not going to win without that pitching." If they'd spent the money for Lee or Soriano, they couldn't have afforded Barry Zito, and they couldn't compete without Matt Cain.