Highlights from All-Star media day 

February, 16, 2007
LAS VEGAS -- The trash talking at All-Star media day began before the first question was asked. As they sat down at their respective tables, dunk contest favorite Gerald Green yelled out to competitor Tyrus Thomas that he left enough room in his luggage to bring a trophy home. Green said he's been practicing his dunks the past few weeks, and seems to have given a lot of thought to the challenge of coming up with new dunks.

"You have to think of things you would never even possibly try because everything you would think of has been done before," said Green, who counts on a couple of surprising sources for inspiration. "I asked my little brother [for ideas] because he has a creative mind. And one of my dunks I did in a dream, and I was like there's no way I can do that. [Now] it's in the repertoire."

The Celtics' youngster didn't win most boastful honors, though. That went to Damon Jones, who assured anyone who would listen that he was going to win the 3-Point Shootout on Saturday night.