The looming threat of steroids 

March, 16, 2007
No, I can't tell you when exactly it's going to happen, when the sheer number of NFL players using steroids is exposed. It's doubtful there will be a BALCO-ish explosion that indicts a slew of stars; it's more likely that here and there names will be leaked, probably groups of players whose names are linked to a busted vendor. But it's going to happen.

There will be a Shawne Merriman of '07; maybe more. There will be a revelation similar to the Charlotte Observer's news last fall that many of the Panthers were doping in 2003. Of course, the bubble will burst if anyone has proof that players were indeed using some of the $150,000 of HGH that Steelers doctor Richard Rydze bought in 2006. One way or another, it's bound to happen. And when it does, what will it mean?

While most correctly assume that there are more NFL players doping than we'll ever know about, one thing we rarely think about is how many levels of doping there is. How widespread is it in college? If doping is routine in the NFL, and let's say it's an underground epidemic lurking in the college ranks, how do we measure a player's potential?