Don't stereotype Dirk 

March, 26, 2007
When it comes to basketball, we're all fascinated by the little guys. For starters, guards have the ball in their hands for much of the game and, in addition, the buckets they make tend to be more spectacular and skillful. Moreover, we relate better to guys nearer to our own size.

For that reason, both fans and media alike have tended to make the same mistake over and over again: Overrating guards at the expense of the big guys who, invariably, are the major difference between winning and losing.

I say that by way of introduction to my assessment of the MVP race. Two guards -- Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant -- are two of the most entertaining players you'll ever see, and certainly among the game's elite. However, if you're filling out an MVP ballot and the top two names on it aren't Dirk Nowitzki and Tim Duncan, I think you've got some serious explaining to do.