A view from the upper deck 

March, 28, 2007
If you're a sports-policy wonk, you regularly visit Neil DeMause's Field of Schemes, which details the various creative ways in which leagues, teams, and corrupt politicians work closely together so taxpayers can subsidize nine- and 10-figure salaries for professional athletes (and yes, that's what you might call an editorial comment). Yesterday, the Village Voice featured DeMause's A-L Guide to the new Mets' and Yankees' stadiums. DeMause isn't quite as acidic as usual, but does sprinkle in a few jabs. He also touched on my least favorite thing about new ballparks in general. Money quote:

The upper deck of the new Yankee Stadium will be about the same height as the old, though with the last few rows trimmed off. (The old park holds 57,545; the new one will seat 53,000, plus 1,000 standing-room.) The new top tier, however, will be set back an extra 30 feet from the field, to keep the high-priced patrons below out of shadow.