Don't count out Cantu 

April, 1, 2007
Wow. Jorge Cantu has been demoted, but says he's not going down to the minor leagues.

I would argue that Cantu's (perhaps momentary) fall is more precipitous than Angel Berroa's. No, Cantu was never the Rookie of Year, as Berroa was. But Berroa won the award when he was 25, and didn't actually have a great season. When Cantu was 23, he batted .294 with 28 homers and 117 RBI. You read that right: 117 RBI for a 23-year-old second baseman. The only reason he wasn't Rookie of the Year was that he'd played in 50 games the previous season. Either way, he looked like a superstar in the making.