Too much of a good thing? 

April, 9, 2007
As UniWatch reports, this Jackie Robinson tribute thing is getting out of hand.

Actually, he says it's "turning into a quite a phenomenon"; I say it's getting out of hand. Just last week, supposedly one player on each team would wear No. 42 on April 15, except for the Dodgers, all of whom would don the number.

But now it's (at last count) four Cubs, three Athletics, three Twins, five Tigers, four Blue Jays … as near as I can tell, if you self-identify as African-American you're not cool if you're not wearing No. 42 next Sunday. Looking at the list -- it's a big one, and will only get bigger -- I'm not seeing the names of any European-Americans, which seems like a real shame. I know there aren't many history buffs among professional baseball players, but what about David Wells? Or Curt Schilling? Or David Newhan? What would happen if one of them requested No. 42?