How to fix tanking 

April, 17, 2007
I can't wait for the playoffs to start because, man, there's been some bad, bad basketball played lately.

Several people have already pointed out why, so let's not belabor the obvious: Teams are tanking. Between jockeying for draft position and, in at least one case, trying to preserve a draft choice, a number of clubs have rested their best players with dubious injuries or otherwise sought to minimize their chances of winning. The result has been an unsightly product, and this hurts the league because the post-Final Four, pre-baseball part of the season is its best shot to grab casual fans' attention.

So what's the solution? I've seen many proposals lately, most that have to do with changing how the lottery works, but I'm not sure that's the answer. For one, it does nothing about the situations facing the Hawks and Timberwolves, whose losing has a direct connection to whether each even gets a draft pick, let alone a high one. (Hawks have a top-3 protected pick, Wolves have a top-10 protected pick)