Vick surrounded by controversy 

May, 2, 2007
A lot of players roamed around Friday night's ESPN The Magazine draft party.

Donte' Stallworth. Dwight Freeney. Steven Jackson. D.J. Williams. Jonathan Vilma. Brady Quinn. Mario Williams. JaMarcus Russell. Every time a player walked into Sol, the New York City venue the party took place at, the DJ announced who had arrived, usually to a round of applause, prompting that player to make rounds throughout the club, soak up the homage from Fat Joe, and -- this is my stab at being hip -- "make it rain." But when Michael Vick entered -- he and his crew dressed in white T-shirts -- it was a little different.

Vick didn't make rounds. He didn't do much of anything. He stayed by the doors of the party, leaning against the bar, enclosed by a few of his friends. When other athletes came by to greet him, he gave a quick handshake and hug, but it was clear that this pocket was one that he wasn't eager to flee.