Best is yet to come 

May, 5, 2007
They reached May labeled as the same old recycled Cubbies, even though there are only two position players in the same place as a year ago and three-fifths of the starting rotation has changed.

Yes, Lou Piniella is trying to change some of the culture, but the first matter he addressed was to blame himself for Alfonso Soriano going into May with one RBI and no home runs. "I take the blame on that," says Piniella. "I should have allowed Soriano to stay in left field. When he went to center, he put a lot of pressure on himself. As soon as he went to left, he was a different guy."

Teammates noticed that Soriano immediately became more relaxed in the field, especially throwing. "He's used to throwing across his body," says one Cub player. "In left, most of your throws are back, across the body. He was throwing the ball all over the place in center."