Big Ben channels De La Hoya 

May, 6, 2007
AUBURN HILLS -- Not a single cloud obscured the bright blue sky Sunday morning as the Chicago Bulls, having slept off their beating, got on the bus and headed back to The Palace.

With the possible exception of Andres Nocioni, who still appeared shell-shocked over what he called "my worst game as a Chicago Bull," their collective mood was a reflection the weather: Hey, it's a new day and a nice day, so let's put yesterday behind us. "We was like De La Hoya. We got beat up pretty bad. But the only thing you can do after a game like that is go home and get a good night's sleep," Ben Wallace said. "You compete in this league, and sometimes you're going to get beat. Was it a slap in the face? More like a punch in the throat."

Wallace might have been the loosest of any of the Bulls, quipping to reporters for the second straight day that he's still interested in selling one of us his still-unsold Detroit home. (Wallace noted it has six bedrooms, but no basketball court.)