Award voting drives me nuts 

May, 11, 2007
For some reason, award voting gets me all fired up. The rational side of me knows that it's just an award and that, at the end of the day, it has no impact whatsoever on wins and losss. But it still just drives me bonkers when I see weird award selections or indefensible votes.

Like most years, this season has produced more than a few. It started with the Sixth Man voting, when 30 of the voters decided to make up their own rules on who qualified by leaving Manu Ginobili off their ballots. (The league guideline for voters is that a player must have played at least half his games as a reserve in order to qualify; there's nothing at the end saying "unless you think a different rule would be better.")

Then, of course, there was the Rookie of the Year vote, where for a second year in a row the only logical choice was prevented from being a unanimous pick by an obvious homer vote -- which makes me wonder if they shouldn't have the same rules coaches have for the All-Star Game, where you can't vote one of your own.