Favre opens mouth, inserts foot 

May, 14, 2007
Look, I understand both sides. I understand why Brett Favre is upset with the Packers for not acquiring Randy Moss. To Favre, a vet like Moss might be the difference between last year's eight-win Packers and a 10- or 11-win '07 squad. After all, the position he's in is similar to John Elway's in the early 90s: He's got a good defense but doesn't have as much talent on offense to help out. If you're going to pay me $11 million a year, Favre says, invest in some talent around me to help out.

I understand what Packers GM Ted Thompson is doing, too. You can't build a team around a quarterback entering his 17th year who openly wonders if the next season is his last, and who in '06 had a worse TD:INT ratio than Rex Grossman, Michael Vick, Eli Manning, Steve McNair and J.P. Losman, among others. While Thompson says all the right things publicly, his actions speak clearly: If Green Bay is going to win a Super Bowl, it's more likely that Aaron Rodgers will be the quarterback than Favre.

But the two sides are stuck with each other for '07, despite the report over the weekend from Fox Sports that Favre asked to be traded after the draft and ignored coach Mike McCarthy's calls for a week. And they're stuck with each other despite Favre's statements to local reporters at his golf tournament: