Beckett's blistering start 

May, 14, 2007
I'm not a doctor. Don't play one on TV. Haven't seen one since 1997. So feel free to take everything you read below with a lick of salt. But I just have to say, when I read in the Boston Herald this morning that Josh Beckett's "avulsion" isn't related to his blister problems, I can't help but be just a teensy bit skeptical. Money quote:

According to both Beckett and the team, the injury is not a blister, which was a problem for the pitcher in the seasons before joining the Red Sox. But in May of last season Red Sox assistant trainer Mike Reinhold helped discover that a large part of the problem was related to Beckett's bouts with the skin irritation eczema. Yesterday's problem was not a blister related to the eczema, they said.

Unlike a blister, there is no depth to the skin abnormality, which should limit any kind of long-term effects.