Top quarterbacks failing in the clutch 

May, 18, 2007
Today's blog is inspired by a list I saw on Rolling Stone's website: the 15 worst albums by great bands. It was an interesting list - Bob Dylan ranks No. 1 with "Down in the Groove" - because of the irony: to be included, the artist has to be great enough to stink that bad. (For my money, the list forgot U2's "Pop.")

So I decided to put together a similar list for the NFL: The worst pressure performances by the game's greatest quarterbacks. To qualify, the passer has to be an all-time top 10 QB, or at least considered one at the time he retired. It has to be a pressure game, playoffs or Super Bowl. And he had to have tanked.

The Rolling Stone list had 15 bands; here I list seven passers. This list is a little off the cuff - most performances are relatively recent -- so I'd like to know which performances you think qualify. I'll include your best votes and fill out the Top 15 in a blog next week.