Duncan better than Shaq? 

May, 21, 2007
Some observations from this past weekend:

• We at ESPN.com made it official last year by naming Tim Duncan No. 1 in our poll of the Top 10 power forwards of all-time. He was already at the top of my list, but the more I watch him, the more I appreciate him. Some may want to classify him as a center, and if so, then the question becomes, "Is he better than Shaq?'' Unfortunately, they didn't match up with each other very often during those great Lakers-Spurs series of a few years ago, but I remember that Shaq used to defend Duncan well when he guarded him (usually in fourth quarters). I feel compelled to go with Shaq -- only because of the incredible impact his overwhelming size had on the game. But Duncan is right there, and if he winds up with five rings, compared to Shaq's four, you may have to give Duncan the nod. He's got a great supporting cast, but he's never had a Kobe or D-Wade-caliber teammate.