Goodell getting carried away? 

May, 25, 2007
Gotta say, I'm at once impressed and an unnerved by Roger Goodell. He deserves, and has received, a lot of credit for the swift actions he's taken to get his players in line. By booting Pacman Jones for a year, Goodell effectively said that just because you haven't been found guilty of any crimes doesn't mean you're not hurting the league's reputation. And that won't stand.

Now, with Steve Wyche's report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that NFL Security has volunteered its assistance to those investigating Michael Vick's possible involvement in a dog-fighting ring -- a hunt that has yet to result in a charge or even a strong statement from prosecutor Gerald Poindexter that links Vick to the alleged illegal activity -- Goodell is sending his players another message: We're not going to wait the legal system out.

Greg Aiello says it's "routine protocol" for the league to get involved with legalities. Nice try. One of the popular fallback lines of anyone in the public eye is to "reserve judgment" until legal process "works itself out." Not anymore. Not in Goodell's NFL. Not when a star might have lied to the commissioner about his involvement. Not when the league's security might have helpful information.