Mythical talent of Bo Jackson 

May, 28, 2007
Twenty years ago, Bo Jackson was a rookie, which inspired Joe Posnanski to write about the legend of Bo. Sample:

How can you explain Bo Jackson to a kid today? Old-time baseball fans and scouts are always telling tall tales about players -- they will say, "Oh, you should have seen Mickey Mantle before he hurt his knees; he ran so fast he could bunt for doubles." They will say: "Before Pete Reiser started running into walls, he could play left field and center field at the same time." They will say, "There was nobody quite like Monte Irvin before he went to war; he used to hit for the cycle three times a week."

So what makes Bo different? Well, for one thing, it's all on video. Bo really did break a baseball bat over his thigh after striking out. Bo really did throw a ball from left field all the way to first base on a fly to double-up Hall of Fame catcher Carlton Fisk. Bo really did, in his spare time, transform into the most sensational running back the NFL has ever seen. He really did … well, he really did a lot of stuff.