Well, this is more like it 

June, 12, 2007
Justin Verlander was quite good last season. He started 30 games, won 17 of them, posted an ERA significantly better than league average, and capped off his fine season by winning Rookie of the Year honors.

Still, some of us wanted more. Some of us watched this guy throwing high-90s heat, and we wondered why he was striking out only six batters per nine innings. Clearly, he could do better than that. And we know that the single most important marker for a young pitcher is strikeouts. The more the better.

This season he pushed that rate up some, from 6.0 to 6.7 strikeouts per nine innings. And he still has that amazing stuff. But when's the last time you heard Justin Verlander's name? Last November, when he won his award? This season I've heard about Santana, and Haren, and Sabathia, and Beckett, and Gaudin. Gaudin!