Kobe update 

June, 18, 2007
You'll notice if you go to Kobe Bryant's Web site that his farewell message has been re-posted to the top of the page with today's date on it. The folks running that site have done that a couple times before, so it's questionable whether it's news that they did it again.

Unless, however, you take it as a direct message from Kobe. If so, it's the latest in a weekend of developments that appear more and more to show the so-called "road ahead" ultimately leads elsewhere. And I'm becoming more and more persuaded that the final destination will be Chicago.

After word came out late last week that Bryant had met in Barcelona with Lakers owner Jerry Buss to reiterate his trade request, Broderick Turner of the Riverside Press-Enterprise pushed the story forward by reporting that Chicago and New York were two of the three teams on Bryant's short list of franchises he would accept a trade to.