The 'Lowe'-down on depot's legacy 

June, 28, 2007
If I were still writing three or four columns every week, by now I might have written a postmortem on Paul DePodesta's tenure as Dodgers general manager. Fortunately, Jacob Jackson is on the job, and you might be surprised by just how many of DePodesta's moves are still paying dividends for the Dodgers. Here's just one example (but one that's close to my heart):

How many high-dollar, multi-year free agent pitchers have worked out better than Derek Lowe? DePodesta was near-universally mocked for the dubious $36 million, four-year contract he awarded the Red Sox hurler after he posted a 5.42 ERA and a 1.61 WHIP in '04. Since then, Lowe hasn't missed a start, is currently in line for his third straight 200-inning season, and has posted an ERA+ numbers of 112, 121, and 132 over the past three seasons.

When the Dodgers signed Lowe for $9 million per season, I was shocked. I wanted to make sense of the contract, because I like Paul DePodesta and wanted to see him do well. But I couldn't understand the deal, so I wrote a long, long column in which I tried to understand it. I'm one of my harshest critics, but that column's probably one of the better things I wrote in 2005. Here's how I finished: