Could Boras' best-of-9 idea work? 

June, 28, 2007
As contributor Bob Klapisch writes, Scott Boras has a radical idea ... and commissioner Bud Selig actually might be interested. What Boras proposes is a best-of-nine World Series, with the first two games played at a neutral site.

"Corporate America can't embrace [the World Series]; they don't know where the games are being played," Boras said by telephone recently. "People can't say, 'I'll see you at the World Series.' This way, we have a plan for it."

Under Boras' revamping -- explained in a letter sent to MLB's headquarters -- Game 1 would be played on a Saturday in a warm-weather city, where there's a low probability of rain or even snow. The night before, he said, would be like "the Oscars" where players from both teams would be introduced and feted before a national TV audience. But the event wouldn't be just for pennant winners; everyone would be there, including the game's biggest stars, along with the networks and the advertisers.