iPhone now players' favorite toy 

July, 2, 2007
DETROIT -- Justin Verlander may not have been the first player with an iPhone; knowing Junior Griffey's penchant for toys, he probably presented his son Trey with one at 7 a.m. Friday.

This is the real world for which Marshall Crenshaw's "Cynical Girl" had no use 20-something years ago. Verlander was scheduled to pitch Friday night against the Twins, coincidentally the iPhone release day, a day in which AT&T/Cingular customers -- including the mayor of Philadelphia -- stood in line for four to eight hours in anticipation of the new toy.

Not Verlander, he of the no-hitter and the electric explosion onto the baseball consciousness. He sent a text message to someone at the Apple Store. "They texted me back and said they had plenty," says Verlander. "My girlfriend went to the store and was able to get one for Justin Morneau, as well." Same agent, Mike Milchin. Nice present for the reigning MVP from a future Cy Young winner.