Hargrove chose family 

July, 2, 2007
Mike Hargrove was always one of the really good people in baseball, as a player, as a teammate, as a manager who won two pennants in Cleveland. He is what he is -- decent, uncomplicated, loyal -- and the reasons that caused him to leave the Mariners with an eight-game winning streak and a franchise turned around leaves a human legacy that is far more important than a family life sacrificed to be in uniform.

Hargrove had thought out his exit, and as he said Sunday, wanted to do so on June 20, when the Mariners were losing. According to sources, he told general manager Bill Bavasi, clubbies and players that he's been in the business for 35 years, and that when he was in Cleveland recently he realized that he never saw his children grow up and now is missing his grandchildren growing up.

"I have to come in here and ask you to give 100 percent," Hargrove told the players. "I can't guarantee that I can give you the same."