Silliness over Selig being at 756 

July, 12, 2007
What has been drawn is a scalene triangle, with a Barry Bonds side, a Bud Selig side and the media side. And this whole "should he come or should he go?" thing with Selig is more silly than tedious.

The Giants don't care if Selig is there when Bonds breaks Henry Aaron's record. And other than the perception that Selig's absence would be judged by the media as a condemnation of Bonds, Barry doesn't care whether Selig is there.

The one detectable issue that Selig's presence could defuse is the alleged growing divide along racial lines. To be fair, we'd probably find that the majority of Americans didn't want Aaron to break Babe Ruth's record, and we know in the '80s, when the Pittsburgh drug scandal unfurled, there were similar "situations" involving icons in four to six other cities that somehow went away and raised flags for minority players.