Phillies' long road to 10,000 

July, 16, 2007
If there's anything blogs are good for, it's losing. I mean, it's just more interesting to read an obsessed fan when his team is losing than when it's winning. So when the Phillies lost for the 10,000th time, I turned to The 700 Level and wasn't disappointed. After the obligatory self-flagellation, though -- "Yes, We Know. The Phillies Stink." -- comes a note of solace:

Sure, the 10,000 loss mark is a testament to the Phillies futility over the last dozen or so decades, but really it just points out that the Phillies are a really, really old franchise.

Which is a good point (and one that Jon Miller made last night, too). The Phillies' 10,000th loss is a testament to, more than anything else, the fact that they've been in the National League since 1883. Granted, there have been more bad seasons than good ones in the past 125 years, but there have been 50 winning seasons mixed in there.

If one wants to indict the Phillies for general incompetence, the No. 1 charge would be lack of championships: just four National League pennants in those 125 years, and of course, just the one World Series championship (which could have gone the other way, not that I have sour grapes or anything).