Owners show no respect for fans 

July, 19, 2007
Just in case I haven't mentioned this lately, there's a downside to the shiny new ballparks. As Newsday's Wallace Matthews notes today, when it comes to the Mets' new stadium, "If you can't afford a season ticket, you will be about as welcome in Citi Field as a junkyard dog."

From the drastically reduced seating capacity -- 42,000 as opposed to the current 55,000 -- to the apparent elimination of affordable ticket plans like the one Henry Goldman uses, to the hard-sell announcements that issue from the video screens between innings, "informing" fans that only Shea full-season ticket holders will receive priority when it comes time to shell out for seats in the Mets' new crib, it is clear that Citi Field will be fan-friendly only to New York's wealthiest fans.

The Mets are getting the deal Walter O'Malley wanted 50 years ago, the one he wound up getting in Los Angeles. But they are doing it in reverse, downsizing the number of seats in order to increase the number of luxury boxes, and thereby vastly increasing revenue while decreasing the average fan's chances of seeing a game live. ...