Visiting K.C.'s greats 

July, 25, 2007
Yesterday, after visits to the Harry S. Truman Museum & Library (somehow, I hadn't been there in nearly 30 years) and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (which I could happily visit every few weeks), my companions and I went in search of Satchel Paige's resting place.

This isn't generally known, but Retrosheet lists burial/internment sites for the great majority of deceased major leaguers. Satchel Paige? He's in Forest Hill Calvary Cemetery, a few miles south of downtown Kansas City. He and his wife have their own "island" between two roads, and their stone monument includes a brief history of Paige's baseball career, along with (among other things) his advice on how to stay young. Here's the monument (and keep in mind the setting is prettier right now, with the trees in all their leafy summer glory). On this day, visitors had left three worn baseballs in tribute, and the three of us enjoyed a casual (though respectful) game of catch.

Another nice thing about Retrosheet's data: on Paige's page, you can also click on the city of his burial and find the other players buried in the same city, and cemetery. There is just one other Hall of Famer in Kansas City, and as luck would have it, he's in the same cemetery as Paige.