Refs certain Donaghy acted alone 

July, 26, 2007
I've spoken with several NBA types -- players, coaches, executives, referees and people close to the players -- since David Stern's press conference on Tuesday, and here's what I've been told:

• A referee told me that he and his colleagues are "devastated" by what Tim Donaghy has done, but he said with complete confidence he has no doubt that Donaghy was indeed "one rogue official" (as David Stern said) and acted alone.

• When I asked the referee how no other officials could pick up on Donaghy's cheating considering how closely they scrutinize game calls together on video after every game, he said, "It's not that simple." He told me the idea that a fellow official is cheating is the furthest thing from a referee's mind. He said they all make mistakes in every game, so when a guy makes a bad -- even terrible -- call, you don't assume the guy is cheating, you just think he made an error. He said there are often times when you see a call you made on tape and say, "Wow, I thought that was a good call when I made it, but now I see that it wasn't."