Culpepper a good fit  

August, 1, 2007
In old-school Raiders fashion, Oakland signed Daunte Culpepper, who once was a very productive player but needs another chance to prove he can return to standout form. Culpepper is 30, rehabbing from a serious knee injury and with his third team in three years. In other words, he sounds like a perfect Raider.

Oakland signed Culpepper to a one-year deal, which makes a lot of sense for both parties. The Raiders drafted JaMarcus Russell with the first pick of the 2007 draft, and he will be the face of Oakland's franchise and quarterback of the future. But he remains unsigned and by all accounts, he is not close to a deal.

If he misses time in training camp, Russell could dig himself a hole in learning the offense. As quarterback prospects go, Russell has tremendous natural tools but isn't particularly polished. Even if he were to report to camp on time, holding a clipboard for the better part of his rookie season and watching the game from the sideline could be the best long-term plan for his career and the organization. The addition of Culpepper makes this more feasible.