Webb won't break Hershiser's mark 

August, 16, 2007
Brandon Webb and Orel Hershiser are linked, at least for the moment. But as Rany Jazayerli notes, there's more to the connection than just scoreless innings …

By shutting out the Washington Nationals on Saturday night, Brandon Webb extended his scoreless innings streak to 33, the longest by any pitcher this season. If he throws shutouts in his next three starts, Webb's streak would reach 60, breaking the record of 59.2 set by Orel Hershiser in 1988, one of the most impressive feats of the last generation.

This is, in a word, unlikely. No one in the major leagues has thrown three complete-game shutouts this year. Only one has thrown even two, that being Webb, and he's done so in his last two starts. (UPDATE: Webb was joined on Sunday by Jeff Weaver. Yes, Jeff Weaver.) Last year, the only pitchers to throw three shutouts were Webb and Chris Carpenter.